Connie M, Fountain Hills, AZ

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Julie Gram of Naturally organized for over two years.  She is phenomenal at organizing every aspect of a person’s life! From the office to the garage she is amazing!!  I highly recommend Julie to anyone who needs help organizing any part of their life.

Corrine L, Scottsdale, AZ

The last time she worked with me was when she helped me organize all of the belongings I was left with after my parent’s death.

She is extremely organized. She is very gentle with getting people to part with things that you feel like you need even if you may not need it. She is very sympathetic about your belongings. She is a very hands-on person. She is not one that tells you what to do.  She takes action and really helps you. She is extremely personable and extremely trustworthy. She could come and do the work while you were at work and you would never have to worry about any of your belongings. She is someone that you can socialize with and enjoy to be around. She has always done such a great job for me.

Jason R, Parker, CO

Julie helped me finish unpacking and organizing the last of the boxes from our move. She also consulted on several other organizational projects, including reconfiguring the storage in our closets to utilize the space better and recommending products which provide practical storage and organization around the house.

My wife and I moved to the Denver area recently, and unpacked our many belongings into our new home, but were stumped when we hit a point where the remaining boxes contained items we had no idea what to do with, or where to put. We started getting somewhat overwhelmed when it came to separating the donations and garage salable items, and finding a home for the stuff we wanted to keep. Julie was a life saver. If I got stumped on where to put something, she had an immediate answer for where it should go. I never got stuck debating on an item, and the two of us went through every remaining box, separated all of the donatable and sellable items, and put everything else in its proper place. In four hours, she and I finished unpacking our house, which on my own may have taken several weekends. I was completely impressed by the transformation, and not having a mountain of boxes in our living room is a huge weight off my shoulders. Thanks Julie!

Patti B, Scottsdale, AZ

She helped organize my office, my kitchen and the whole house including paperwork, medicine cabinets and the garage.

She is very talented with home and business organization and interior design. I know that I can trust everything she says. She organizes for you and teaches you along the way. She gives 100% and has high energy. She made organizing fun. She really wants to help people. Being naturally organized definitely describes her. She is a hard worker and will give all she has for the time she's there.

Gloria G, Aurora, CO

I sought out organizational work with Julie to deal with my anxiety over not being able to finish unpacking after five months.

I absolutely loved Julie the moment we met.  She was immediately helpful and gave me so much inspiration and knowledge, giving me a new sense of clarity.  When she came over to help me finish unpacking it went beyond unpacking, and since our work something big has shifted in me that has been truly a wonderful experience!

Julie's calm demeanor and trustworthy manner made our sessions both an enlightening and relaxing experience.  Her guidance and patience as we found places for things and came up with "systems" was amazing.  Not only is Julie a warm and generous person, she has a gift for turning everything into easily accessible actions for transforming your home.

I felt like I was working with an old friend rather than someone new in my life.  Her suggestions have made so much sense.  I was amazed when she simply moved a few things here and there changing the entire feeling of everything she touched.  We now feel very comfortable and settled in our brand new beautiful home.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to gain easy flow in their life.  I would note Julie is truly a gifted resource for any homeowner or professional looking to de-clutter their space.

Julie's intuitive and relaxed style was a great fit for me and I was left feeling excited about reclaiming my personal space and letting go of things that were draining my energy and cluttering my home.  She jumps right in and does the work so you can make the decisions you need to make.  I have also started to shift the flow in my office at work.

I have always thought peace was possible, and she has helped me find it.  In my sessions with her, I have been able to take the time I needed to think things through if I needed or wanted to let go of items.  Since I have begun my work with her, I have been more relaxed, my sleeping has improved, and I have a better awareness of my surroundings.  My time with Julie not only helped to unpack but allowed me to clear out a lot of stuff that was totally unneeded.  Do not think a second time-hire her-she is great at what she does and is more than trustworthy, as well as fun.  Have fun and get peace.

Owen S. Robbins, Benchmark Development, Fountain Hills, AZ

Julie was totally responsible for setting up our new office, establishing all operational and organizational procedures for the company and personnel.  Julie’s organizational skills are extraordinary.  The company’s files and records are superbly maintained in a clear and logical manner.  I give her my highest recommendation.”

Linda S, Scottsdale, AZ

Going through my mother’s things was a very emotional job for me.  I appreciate your kindness and patience in helping me.

Dr. Christie Bourne, Breast Care, P.C., Phoenix, AZ

It was like having a serious headache for a long time, and after you got me organized, it went away. Such a relief!

Jack Blevins, Luxury 4 Less Auto Sales and Leasing, Fountain Hills, AZ

Julie Gram has a high level of inspiration and professional coaching, with a sincere approach of opening the human minds ability to think outside of the box.  Thank you for my start to a new approach on business and the new found time.

Susie Alofs, Eyewear by ROI, Scottsdale, AZ

You are a complete pleasure and we appreciate you working for us.  You are a great asset and so helpful to me and my staff.   


Kay S, Highlands Ranch, CO

Julie has an eye for design and detail in organization. She is creative and loves to take on a challenge. I have used her in both my business and my home. She is personable, listens to your needs and is willing to either coach or dig in.

Docia M, Littleton, CO

Julie is amazing. Great ideas. Worked well with me to meet my needs and executed well. I was impressed with the results. She created a system that was easy to maintain and still in use today. Thank you!

“Help is on the way!”

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